Varnish and Enamel Brushes

Varnish and enamel brushes are flat tipped brushes designed to apply finishes to flat surfaces.  They are similar in many ways to flat sash brushes and are often used interchangeably.  They differ from flat sash brushes in two ways, their filaments tend to be longer than flat sash brushes and their handles are round, versus the flat sash handle used on flat sash brushes.  Choice of which flat brush to use, is largely a matter of personal preference.

  • Oxana
    Flat sash brush. 60% ox hair and 40% Chinese bristle. For oil-based finishes. If you want a really smooth finish, this is the brush. Available in 4 sizes.
  • Oxford
    Oxford is a varnish and enamel brush made with 80% Chinese bristle and 20% ox hair - for use with oil-based finishes. An excellent choice for varnishes, enamels and other fine finishes. Available in 7 sizes.
  • Cyclone
    Varnish and enamel brush for oil-based paints. Cyclone is made with 100% natural, black Chinese bristle. A brush for large surfaces. Available in one size.
  • Eureka
    Eureka is a varnish and enamel brush made with 100% nylon. For either oil- or water-based finishes. This brush was developed for homeowners, but is a favorite of professionals. Available in 7 sizes.
  • Logan
    Logan is a varnish and enamel brush. Made with a nylon and polyester blend, it is suited for either oil- or water-based paints. A big brush with added stiffness. Available in 3 sizes.
  • Pinnacle
    Pinacle is a varnish and enamel brush made with 100% polyester filament. It may be used with either oil- or water-based paints. This is a brush for big jobs. Available in one size. .
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