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Flat sash brush. 100% polyester. For use with either oil- or water-based paints. Has the look and feel of a natural bristle brush. Ideal for fine finishes. Available in 5 sizes. (See Product Details)

Zenith is a flat sash brush made with 100% polyester.  It is formulated to duplicate the look and feel of China bristle/ox hair natural bristle brushes (see our Oxangle and Oxford brushes).  Zenith has a flat sash handle.  Synthetic bristle brushes may be used with either oil- or water-based finishes, which makes Zenith ideal for all types of jobs where a fine finish is desired.  Our Crest brush is the angle brush companion to Zenith.

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
1" $14.60 7/16" 2"
1 1/2"   Discontinued  
2"   Discontinued  
2 1/2"   Discontinued  
3"   Discontinued  
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I absolutely love this brush! First, I can use them for either latex or oil products. However, please note that once you use a brush in oil or latex you have to continue to only use it in that base. Second, it lays off the paint beautifully. You don't see the bristle marks like I have with other brushes. Next, it does not shed. I just love that. It's aggravating when your are constantly taking bristles out of the surface you are painting. Plus, it amazingly keeps it's shape (with proper care) much longer than any other brush that I have tried. This also means that it is a very durable brush and cost effective. The only complaint that I have ever heard from another contractor is that it is too soft of a brush and it doesn't move the paint the way they want. This is as they are picking out bristles from their painted surface and leaving brush marks on it. In the meantime, I don't have a hard time moving the paint myself and what I painted in comparison to their's turned out much better. Of course, to each his own. But I will never own any other brush than what the Paint Brush Corporation makes.
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I love this brush. It hugs corners and has a fine finish . I use this with Ben Moore Advance waterborne Alkyd and SW Proclassic water borne Alkyd enamels. I can fly on woodwork compared to the earlier days of oil based enamels. I like the stiffness as I can push the paint fast because you don\'t have time to play when it comes to water borne enamels.Very good coverage as well with little streaking so you don\'t have to mess around while applying the paints . I was able to wash out the brushes and actually use them right away in different paint colors with little difference in feel. I\'m going to try some of the wall brushes next. Great products here!!

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