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$10.73 each
Lomax is a flat sash brush made with a mixture of nylon and polyester. It is suitable for either oil- or water-based finishes. A excellent all around sash brush for bigger jobs. Available in 3 sizes. (See Product Details)

Lomax is a flat sash brush made with a mixture of 100% gold, Rose-Tex nylon and polyester.  It has a flat sash handle and is suitable for either oil- or water-based finishes.  The nylon component in Lomax produces a smooth finish, while the polyester imparts stiffness to the brush, an important quality particularly if you plan to paint outside during higher temperatures.  The combination of filaments also allows for a thicker brush, with a longer bristle length, which means fewer trips to the paint bucket.   Lomax is an excellent choice for large surface trim jobs.

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
2" $10.73 9/16" 2 3/4"
2 1/2" $13.06 5/8" 3"
3" $15.30 11/16" 3 1/4"
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This is a super brush for cabinets and medium sized wood surfaces. I have been using the 2 1/2" with a good water-based paint and it goes on really nicely. The brush holds paint better than anything I have found before and handles easily. rnI have been working on a longterm project and using this same brush on a frequent basis for more than 2 years now; it is still in perfect condition.rn An all around winner.
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I was a union painter for 43 years and a contractor for 15 years the 3" Lomax was the best brush for latex wall paint I ever found. I am retired now but the last 15 years I worked it was the only brush I used for latex wall paint

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