The art of mural painting

Luis De La Torre knows art.  Stroll through the virtual gallery on his elegantly designed website and you come away with a feeling of sheer talent – lots of it.


Mr. De La Torre is also generous.  He shares his talent with the students at Spry Community Links High School on the southwest side of Chicago, where he conducts painting workshops for students in the after school Art Club.  His latest project is a mural, painted by aspiring student artists.  Paint Brush Corporation was pleased to help with a donation of paint brushes for the student artists.

The school principal Francisco Borras approached Mr. De La Torre about painting a mural after seeing his work with the Art Club.  The idea was to give students education in painting techniques in a real-world setting.


“I organize these projects so that the young Artists can take the initiative with developing and producing the murals,” wrote Mr. De La Torre in an email.  “I find the students start taking ownership of the project and begin to believe that they are capable of painting and creating Art. This practice has led to students not only getting real experience at making Art but they also begin excelling in their academics.”

Congratulations to Mr. De La Torre and the students working on the project who include, Ruby Ramirez, Guadalupe Garcia, Sylvia P. Munoz, Alfredo Aquilar, Efren Anaya, Ashley Andrande, Hugo Minon and Eduardo Ruiz.