Welcome to Paint Brush Corporation Online

Welcome to PaintBrushCorp.com 1.0 - the first version of Paint Brush Corporation's web presence.  We've gone from NO website to one where you can learn about our company, our products and even buy paint brushes.  Thank you to OGO Sense, our web designers, and to Breaking Even Communications for guidance through the digital forest.  We made it!

But we're not finished.  Over the coming weeks we plan to add more content.  We'll be posting tips on how to choose the right paint brush and how to clean your brush and make it last.  We'd also like to post your comments, tips and success stories.  E-mail us your stories and photos and we'll add them to the blog.  We can even set up a forum if things get lively.  It's all up to you -- our customers and readers.

If you want to stay in touch, subscribe to the RSS feed on the blog page and sign up for our e-mail newsletter.  Don't worry, we won't bury you in SPAM.  We're too busy making brushes.