Flat Brushes

Innovative flat brush design delivers large surface cleaning power.

Time Saver

For large surface cleaning jobs, our innovative flat brush design makes cleanup a breeze.

Time Saver is available in three separate models, each incorporating our strain-fighting ergonomic handles.




NOTE:  Maximum operating pressure for valved brushes is 30 psi.


Time Saver (#1)
Length:  11.75"
Weight:  5.76 oz

Time Saver (#2)
Length:  11.75"
Weight:  5.09 oz
Time Saver (#3)
Length:  10.88"
Weight:  5.79 oz

Filament:  Trialoy® polyester

Handle:  Injection molded with ribbed gripping surface.

  • • Our flat brush design is available in a "Bucket Brush" style (#3) and in two flow-through styles, one with a shutoff valve (#1) and one without (#2).

  • • Like all of our parts cleaning brushes, our flat brush models are made with long-lasting, stiff Trialoy® polyester bristle.  The durable, injection molded handles incorporate a ribbed design for a firm grip.

  • • All of the flat brush models are designed to be used in either petroleum-based or water-based cleaning solutions.

  • • Flow through models (#1 and #2) may be purchased with tubing which connects the brush to a flowing solvent system.  (See flow through brushes for tubing specs.)