Customer Comments

From a customer . . .

Online Shopping
My brother and I have been working with your brushes since 1988. . . We've always ordered from you the old fashioned way (checking out the catalog, making the call, and sending a check) but now the new website provides the detail we've been looking for all these years.  I've always enjoyed telling folks around here that our brushes are hand made in South Dakota. Keep up the good work. Your brushes are second to none!

Steve Marchand, Marchand Company

What brush is this?

We received a photo (box on left) from a customer asking us to identify one of our paint brushes.  It was a Nyangle brush.  Here is what she said:

Ny                 "Attached picture of the brush, best I have ever used. I hope you can identify it, it was only used with latex paints. Thank you."  Maryan.

P.S. She bought two more Nyangle brushes

Discounts for Contractors

long-time customer recently contacted us through our website.  We responded with information about our Contractor Discount program which he did not know about.  He sent us this response:

"Thanks for your note. I will use the discount next time I purchase some brushes.  I met Doug Rose (our founder) at a trade show some years ago and he actually sent me some Oxana brushes, which we use for our gilding work. I have bought PBC brushes several times to use and they are by far the best I have ever used. I look forward to buying more as need dictates."
Michael Kramer, The Gilders' Studio, Inc.

ne of our long-time painting contractor customers recently made his first website purchase before he realized that he needed a discount code to get the contractor price. He contacted us and asked if we would reprice his order. We repriced the order, sent him a check for the difference and issued him a discount code.  He sent us the following note:  

"Hey Doug, thanks for doing that.  I've owned several of your brushes over the years.  They are the best by far.  Thanks, Jorn."
Jorn Bliemann, Innovation Rennovations

If you are a painting contractor, send us an email and we will issue you your own discount code.