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Lehigh is an angular sash brush. Nylon and polyester blend. For use with oil- or water-based finishes. A workhorse for exterior trim jobs. Available in 5 sizes. (See Product Details)

Lehigh is an angular sash brush made with a blend of nylon and polyester.  The nylon component insures a smooth finish, while the polyester gives the brush stiffness and helps it to hold up at higher temperatures.  Lehigh has a flat sash handle and can be used with either oil- or water-based finishes.  This is a rugged brush ideally suited for those big, exterior trim jobs.  For a somewhat smaller and thinner brush, check out Lehigh's sister brush Pylon.

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
1 1/2" $10.43 1/2" 2 1/2"
2"   Discontinued  
2 1/2" $15.30 5/8" 3"
3"   Discontinued  
3 1/2" $23.91 11/16" 3 1/2"
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I recently cut in several divided-light sashes with a 1 1/2" Lehigh and had excellent results, in fact the best I've ever had. I found it to be delicate enough (though it's billed as a rugged exterior brush) for very fine work. I was able to control the edge to the point where cleaning glass with a razor afterwards was a very short job, and in some places unnecessary. This brush has good spring and a very sharp, controllable edge -a pleasure to use!rnrnJim @ JCConstruction.

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