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$15.82 each
Angular sash brush. 100% polyester. For use with either oil- or water-based finishes. Duplicates the look and feel of natural bristle. Delivers a fine finish. Available in 5 sizes. (See Product Details)

Crest is a 100% polyester angular sash brush, formulated and finished to duplicate the look and feel of a China bristle - ox hair, natural bristle brush.  It has a flat sash handle.  Crest, as with all synthetic bristle brushes, may be used with either oil- or water based finishes.  Crest (and Zenith, its flat sash brush counterpart) is ideal for varnish and urethane jobs that demand a fine finish.

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
1" $15.82 7/16" 2 1/8"
1 1/2" $17.43 7/16" 2 1/4"
2"   Discontinued  
2 1/2"   Discontinued  
3" $33.55 9/16" 2 5/8"
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I love these paint brushes! The "crest" brush has been my companion as I have been painting my kitchen cabinets and other woodwork with Benjamin Moore oil base Satin Impervo. The paint does not clump in the brush during use, the strokes are consistently easy and smooth leaving no brush marks, and the results are fabulous. Clean up is easy and the brush is like new for its next project. I have used other Paint Brush Corp. brushes and have experienced similar results. I highly recommend these brushes with no reservations.
5 1 5
I’m an experience interior house painter for 16 plus years, and had the great opportunity to try the Crest brush. It cuts fine line, holds just the right amount of paint, is light weight and washes easily. It’s my new favorite brush, and I’ll certainly buy more!

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